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Labyrinth Break My Game

This past weekend I visited Labyrinth Games & Puzzles in Washington, D.C. for a couple of playtests as a part of Break My Game, an organization that sets up public playtests for tabletop game developers.

I had two playtests with three people each. The first had two adult males and one teenage male while the second had two adult males and one adult female. Each session took about two hours for the players to complete the scenarios.

WHAT’S NEW? UPDATED CHARACTER SHEETS For this session, I updated the character sheets to match the suggestions proposed during my last playtest at JohnCon. I moved the Arms Name labelS to the top of the sheet in order to hopefully make clear that each column at the top of the sheet represents details about a character when they're in that Form(A).
UPDATED ARCHETYPES Between JohnCon and this playtest, I was able to run another playtest with a group that is taking their characters through a larger campaign, instead of a series of one-shot games. They…