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Big Fredrick Gaming Convention Feedback

My playtesters during BFG Con. I was able to get in one playtest at the Big Frederick Gaming Convention this past weekend with some lovely volunteers and wanted to go over the session and feedback I received. I had two players - a father and son - who had prior experience in role playing games and were familiar with the tokusatsu genre who took part in a two-hour playtest session. This gave me the opportunity to take things a bit slower for each player, and gain more focused feedback. WHAT'S NEW? For this playtest, I incorporated new features including unique benefits for Finishers, the consequences for Crashing, and what I'm calling Trappings that are tied to different forms. FINISHERS As before, Finishers are all-or-nothing attacks where players can max-out their Drama so that they at the brink of Crashing, but gain access to the next-highest dice-type (a characters in form 1 who normally uses a d6 would have access to a d8). For this session, I tied spec

Big Frederick Gaming Convention

This weekend I'll be running playtests at the Big Fredrick Gaming Convention. Hope to see you there!

Twitter Account!

Just an update: You can follow on twitter  @AlterArms for more frequent updates Some production art I doodled when I was playtesting a friend’s cyberpunk rpg tonight #tokusatsu #magicalgirl #art #tabletopgames #RPGs — Alter Arms (@AlterArms) March 15, 2018